Friday, February 26, 2010


A few weeks ago, I had my closet floor changed from carpet to fake hardwood that matched my wood floors. Of course this cost too much money by my expectations but I paid it anyway because I wanted it done and could not do it myself. I reorganized my closet, purchased some nice storage boxes, velvet thin hangers and made everything look so good I could just go in there and look around and say to myself "This really looks good".

Two days ago I noticed that the bottom rack's support bar had pulled away from the wall and a day later the bar and my neatly hanging clothes were on the floor. I got down on my knees to see what had happened and found that the support bar had been nailed to a piece of wood and the wood to the drywall and stud behind the drywall. So I figured how difficult could this be and went into my kitchen all purpose drawer and found the same kind of little thin nails that was used in the project. Well I just couldn't get it to work for me. I ended up with about twenty little nails bent on the back and unable to get the out. So I just nailed them flack to the back. The next day I went to Walmart and purchased a package of 2 1/2 inch construction screws only to find that my little "lady" drill that ran on 4 AA batteries was not strong enough to push the screw into the wood. I called my son-in-law and asked about his drill and he said that his was not working. So nothing else to do but to go back to Walmart and purhase a more substantial drill and one that ran on electricity. Found just the thing by Black and Decker for $19.99. Well when I tried again the next morning, I found that the drill I had purchased the previous day did not have any bits it was just the drill. So I packed it up and decided to take it back. Just before I walked out the door the thought that maybe I could use the on in the small battery powdered drill bit may fit into the larger one and it did. So I went back once again to the closet only to find that I just couldn't seem to master this job. I was down on my knees reaching up and it just wouldn't do right. I just sat there on my pile of clothes and cried; thinking how I hated to pay some one to come to my house just to screw this ^&)^)) thing back on the wall. Packed up the drill to take it back and decided to try it just one more time standing up. Well low and behold it worked.

I hate feeling helpless like a little old lady. It seemed perfectly reasonable that I should be able to do do this job. The learning curve was much higher that I thought, however the satisfaction of doing it my self is priceless!

Grand Daughter #2

Yesterday told me a lot about my 8 year old grand daughter and even more about myself. Got a call from Trinity's school saying Trin's mouth was hurting as she had been to the orthodontist's office before coming to school. After speaking directly to Trin, I decided to pick up some children's tylenol and go out to the school and give her a dose of it. I called her Mother (my daughter) and told her to contact the Dr.'s office to see exactly what should be done. Their instruction was to give her a dose of tylenol and then a dose of advil every 4 to 6 hrs. So I get to Walmart and got the screws that I needed for my closet project and the tylenol and spent several minutes looking for Aleve for children. Talked to the snotty Pharmasist's helper and she advised me that Aleve didn't make meds for children. She said I might want to get Motrin and I did.

Went to the school and as they sent for Trin. She looked so pitiful when she came out, however, she was not crying. I said let me see Boo and when she opened her mouth I almost fainted. There on the inside of her bottom front teeth was some kind of metal device that looked like the sharp split tongue of a snake. It looked like it would absolutelty shred her toung into a million pieces. I knew that Trin had what is called an open bite and needed tongue thrust therapy that involved some kind of appratus placed in the mouth. I gave her the tylenol and hugged her several times asking if she was in a lot of pain. She said and pointed to the back tooth and said the the front didn't hurt that bad. After a few more hugs I left and went to my car that was parked directly in the front door of the school. I felt the tears start to rise up and I just sat there and cried for a few minutes. I thought, Denistry is still so barbaric. There should be an easier way. It reminded me of all the bad experiences I've had at the hands of dentists.

So I went home. Later her mother called and said that the school had called and said that Trin was still in some pain and that she would pick her up, bring her to my house and return to work. When they arrived, Trinity looked fine and was eating french fries and drinking a soda. But my heart still ached for her. It seems that her older sister, always had it easier on every thing, even with the braces. I started to understand why her parents seemed to favor her so much more than Bree.