Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Well Here We Go Again

I was determined to make my closet beautiful once more. I sorted, did laundry, cleaned the floor rearranged clothes by color and stood back and admired my work. I even made a special trip to BBB to get something to make it smell better. You know with all the leather shoes and handbags, the closed smelled of old leather. Looked again and I was pleased. Two days later much to my chagrin, I looked into the closed and there once again was the same rack that caused me so much stress earlier this year on the floor again. Several days passed and I called the X and left a message that I need a favor. Having not heard from the X I set out to Home Depot once again. I decided to purchase a piece of wood and two additional supports. I also purchased some Eco friendly flood lights for my great room. The lighting is very yellow-e looking. Came home put the bulbs in with the handy 8 foot stick. Now the lighting in the room looks like something from a space ship. Oh well I'll probably get used to it.

Maybe I'll start on the closet tomorrow.

I've been sewing again. I think I'll do a sewing blog. Hmmmmm.

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